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Yemi Emmanuel: SharePoint  Consultant.

Welcome to My Blog site where I muse about day to day happennings on my various SharePoint projects.

SharePoint has come along way and from the early days of it being a simple document management system to a now fully fledged Enterprise platform, Microsoft has done a lot to improve its flagship platform - while we developers and architects in the SharePoint world look for various ways to tame this loveable Beast!

You might ask why am I still using SharePoint 2010 at the moment? Well it's still my preference for now although I do work on SharePoint 2013 projects.

I'm yet to find and meet someone who knows everything about SharePoint, and I often wonder if the buds at Microsoft know everything about SharePoint. Nevertheless, the more knowledge that we share about this platform, then the better it is for everyone. So please add a comment on my blog (if you want to about something new you've discovered or something else in SharePoint land. Furthermore, click on the links on the left, you might learn something new.


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SharePoint Administration 
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SharePoint Administration 
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